A.S. in Design and Engineering Drawing Technology

The Design and Engineering Drawing Technology Major concentrates on visualizing architecture, engineering, drafting, entertainment, animation and computer-generated imagery (CGI). It is a creative, technical practice and discipline with a balance of a design and technical courses providing students with a diverse foundation of knowledge in the fields above. Emphasis is on proper and efficient methods of engineering drawing, digital production, sketching, story boarding, 3D digital models, animations and multifaceted presentations.

This degree prepares the student for entry level opportunities as a CAD (computer-aided design) / design person or animation modeler.

Formerly known as "Design and Drafting Technology" or "Drafting and Design Technology."

This degree requires meeting the Citrus College General Education and proficiency requirements combined with successful completion (grades of "C" and above) of the following major requirements:

Required courses:
ARCH 100Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design Foundations3
ARCH 102Visual Communication2.5
or DRAF 102 Visual Communication
ARCH 200Portfolio Preparation3
DRAF 160Foundation Digital Design Tools - Intermediate Computer Aided Design (CAD)3
DRAF 161Advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD and Design Tools)3
DRAF 190Advanced Digital Design Tools3
DRAF 290Introduction to Maya Practices3
Total Units20.5

A.S. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Design and Engineering Drawing Technology A.S. Degree will:
  1. Describe effective engineering drawing, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visualization techniques including graphic communication of design and technical drawings, orientation of design and technical drawings, and the decision making process for design and technical drawings.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use technology to prepare engineering drawing, architectural, computer-generated imagery (CGI), computer-aided drawings (CAD), and multimedia presentations. Estimate time, material, labor and equipment required for this expertise.
  3. Demonstrate planning techniques and administration of engineering drawing, architectural, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and document control for design and technical working drawings.