A.A. in Dance

This degree provides students with a foundational dance background, encompassing a strong emphasis in various dance techniques as well as history, basic kinesiology and performance practicum.

Students receiving this degree must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the District General Education Pattern, CSUGE or IGETC.
    If transferring to a CSU or UC students are strongly recommended to complete the CSUGE or IGETC General Education Patterns. Students looking to transfer to an out of state or private college should consult with a counselor for the appropriate GE pattern selection.
  2. Complete with a “C” or better each course as specified by the major.
  3. Maintain an overall GPA of a 2.0 or better in all degree applicable coursework.
  4. Meet the local area requirement of Kinesiology/Dance.

Note that all courses listed must be successfully completed.

Dance Technique
DANC 158Beginning Hip-Hop Dance Techniques1
DANC 159Beginning Tap1
DANC 160Jazz Dance Techniques1
DANC 161Beginning Modern Dance1
DANC 162Beginning Ballet1
DANC 259Intermediate Tap I1
DANC 260Intermediate Jazz Dance I1
DANC 262Intermediate Ballet I1
DANC 270Intermediate Jazz Dance II1
DANC 272Intermediate Ballet II1
Dance History
DANC 102History of Dance3
DANC 130Alignment and Correctives2
Performance Practicum
DANC 289Dance Concert Production3
Total Units18

A.A. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Dance A.A. Degree will:

  1. Demonstrate a functional knowledge of ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance techniques through the beginning and intermediate level.
  2. Exhibit perspective on historical and stylistic components of dance.
  3. Display basic proficiency in kinesiology as applied to alignment and corrective gait analysis.
  4. Demonstrate competency in dance performance skills and ability.