Certificate in Child Development Master Teacher - Early Intervention

This certificate is designed for the experienced teacher who desires to develop the additional skills and knowledge necessary to work with exceptional children in a special education or inclusive setting.

This inclusive training program meets the education requirements for child development master teacher. Emphasis is placed on working with young children with special needs in preschool and in early intervention programs.

Required courses:
CHLD 110Early Childhood Development3
or PSY 206 Child Growth and Development
CHLD 112Principles of Early Childhood Education I3
CHLD 114Home-Child-Community Relations3
CHLD 120Literacy for Children3
CHLD 150Teaching in a Diverse Society 3
CHLD 154Observing and Recording Behavior3
CHLD 156Practicum in Early Childhood Education2
CHLD 156LPracticum Lab1
CHLD 160Perceptual Motor and Movement Activities2
CHLD 164The Child with Special Needs3
CHLD 166Speech and Language Development and Disorders2
CHLD 168Development Risk: Infants and Toddlers2
CHLD 169Positively Guiding Challenging and Disruptive Behaviors1
CHLD 194Adult Supervision and Mentoring 3
Also required:
16 units of General Education (GE): one course minimum in each of the following categories - English/language arts, math or science, social sciences, humanities and/or fine arts, any general education elective excluding kinesiology (KIN). These GE courses must qualify for graduation credit. Please see an academic counselor or adviser.
Total Units50

Permit Information

This certificate meets the educational requirements for the Master Teacher Permit through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. All coursework must be completed with a grade of “C” or better to meet permit requirements. In order to apply for the State Permit, students must complete 350 days of three or more hours per day of qualifying work experience with young children within four years. See California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for details.


100 hours of the 350 hours should be in a special education setting if the student is seeking the State Permit.

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Child Development Master Teacher – Early Intervention Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Apply ethical standards and professional behaviors that demonstrate understanding, knowledge, and a deepening commitment to the child development profession and early childhood education.
  2. Design, implement and evaluate environments and activities that support positive, developmental play and learning outcomes for children.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply theories of early childhood education and child development.
  4. Apply effective guidance and teaching strategies that will support social growth, learning, identity development and promote self-confidence.