Skill Award in Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office Skill Award is given upon completion of a series of courses that provide the student with mid-level office skills and employment training for positions in the business office environment. In addition to all of the courses required for the Office Clerk Skill Award, the student will take additional courses designed to significantly increase the student’s knowledge and proficiency in professional office responsibilities.

Required courses:
OFF 120Microsoft Excel3
OFF 215Microsoft Outlook2
OFF 285Administrative Office Procedures3
OFF 294Microsoft Word3
Total Units11

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Microsoft Office Skill Award will:

  1. Perform all Office Skill Award tasks such as: use e-mail to communicate with others; understand and utilize filing procedures; examine incoming materials and code it numerically; alphabetically or by subject matter; enter data electronically in various storage devices; use electronic calendars; use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in prepared documents.
  2. File data on the computer.
  3. Keyboard and file data on computers as well as access information.
  4. Keep payroll records and prepare invoices.
  5. Set up spreadsheets.
  6. Format letters, memos, tables and reports using current office application program.
  7. Compose routine letters, memos and e-mail messages.