Skill Award in Automotive Emissions Inspection

The State of California requires individuals to successfully complete Level 1 - Engine and Emission Controls Fundamentals or equivalent and Level 2 - Smog Check Procedures and pass the state administered examination to become a licensed Smog Check Inspector. Citrus College offers AUTO 168 or AUTO 148, Engine Control Systems satisfying the Level 1 requirement.  AUTO 191, Smog Check Procedures satisfies the Level 2 requirement. 

Select one (1) of the following courses:
This coursework should be completed before AUTO 191.
Engine Performance Maintenance and Light Repair4
Engine Control Systems Service, Diagnosis and Repair8.5
Required course:
AUTO 191Smog Check Inspector Training Level II1.5
Total Units5.5-10

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Automotive Emissions Inspection Skill Award will:

  • Be ready to submit their application to BAR and take the State License Exam to obtain their Smog inspector’s license allowing them to perform biannual California emissions controls inspection of on-board diagnostic systems, mandated emission controls and vehicle gas emissions in accordance to State mandates.