Certificate in Diesel Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair Technician

Upon completion of the required courses, students will receive the Diesel Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair Technician Certificate. This certificate requires the completion of preventative maintenance, engine and engine control and electrical/electronic courses which provide the fundamentals necessary for the servicing of diesel engines. Students completing this certificate would be prepared to work as entry-level technicians on diesel engines operating multiple equipment types including on-highway trucks, off-highway heavy equipment and stationary diesel power generation. This certificate would be the first in the stackable series of certificates for the MTRK program which includes the Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Service, Diagnosis and Repair Master Technician Certificate and the Stationary Power Generation Service, Diagnosis and Repair Technician Certificate.

Required courses:
MTRK 148Medium and Heavy Truck Maintenance and Inspection6
MTRK 152AMedium and Heavy Truck Engines Service, Diagnosis, and Repair6
MTRK 156AMedium/Heavy Truck Electrical/Electronic Systems I5
MTRK 156BMedium/Heavy Truck Electrical/Electronic Systems II4
MTRK 159Diesel Engine Management Systems5
Total Units26

Certificate of Achievement Student Level Outcomes

Students completing the Diesel Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair Technician Certificate of Achievement will:

Upon completion of this course of study include students having the knowledge and ability to:

1. Explain the theory of operation of diesel engines and their related sub-systems.

2. Demonstrate safety procedures when working on diesel engines and related electrical systems.

3. Communicate effectively to owners and operators of diesel powered trucks the required maintenance and repairs needed.

4. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of workplace expectations.

5. Apply proper troubleshooting techniques to diagnose and repair diesel engines.