Certificate in Emerging Theatre Technologies

The Emerging Theatre Technologies (ETT) program is a hands-on, career education program, which develops critical skills in stage lighting, live sound reinforcement, stage technology, live event video and project management. ETT provides both introductory and specific hands-on experience in multiple specialized technical production areas that include theatre, concert touring, theme parks, television and film. This certificate is intended to lead to employment in various professions within the theatre technology industry. 

Spring Semester 1 - Required courses:
THEA 126Technical Theatre Technician3
or THEA 226 Concert Touring
THEA 145Anatomy of Intelligent Lighting Instruments3
THEA 150Introduction to Intelligent Lighting Consoles3
THEA 240Introduction to Live Video Event Production3
REC 255Live Sound Workshop4
Summer Semester 1 - Required course:
THEA 160Computer Aided Design for Theatre4
Fall Semester 2 - Required courses:
THEA 127Technical Theatre Crew Lead3
or THEA 227 Concert Touring Technician
THEA 245Stage and Project Management for Theatre, TV and Film3
THEA 255Entertainment Production for Theme Parks and Themed Environments2
THEA 262Rigging and Automation for Theatre and Live Events2
Total Units30

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Emerging Theatre Technologies Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Increase their ability to speak articulately and listen actively by attending various performance classes and productions, as well as having interactions with faculty and students from other disciplines.
  2. Develop and expand writing skills to broaden communication abilities.
  3. Become proficient in technical theatre and computer-aided design (CAD) through in-class utilization of appropriate design software, to gain the ability to make creative and analytical decisions throughout.
  4. Investigate their personal skill set through research projects, practicum, progressive classroom assignments and varied rehearsal techniques in order to create, evaluate and execute realistic goals.
  5. Develop a variety of learning strategies through an introduction to various theatrical styles and techniques presented by outside professionals and adjunct professors to increase educational flexibility.
  6. Interact with audiences of all ages and backgrounds through touring, public, and outreach performances, to internalize the importance of strong community relationships, citizenship and integrity.