Certificate in Criminal Justice

The Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Justice prepares men and women for entry level positions such as police officer or deputy sheriff trainee, police cadet, community service officer, or public safety dispatcher. A great need exists for intelligent personnel with a commitment toward professional improvement in the justice system.

Required courses:
AJ 101Introduction to the Administration of Justice3
AJ 102Concepts of Criminal Law3
AJ 103Legal Aspects of Evidence3
AJ 109Criminal Court Process3
AJ 112Community and the Justice System3
ENGL 101Reading and Composition4-5
or ENGL 101H Reading and Composition - Honors
or ENGL 101E Reading and Composition, Enhanced
Select one (1) of the following courses:
Criminal Investigation3
Patrol Procedures3
Juvenile Procedures3
Narcotics and Vice Control3
Death Investigation3
Introduction to Probation and Parole3
Introduction to Corrections3
Control and Supervision in Corrections3
Correctional Interviewing and Counseling3
Legal Aspects of Corrections3
Introduction to Forensics3
Total Units22-23

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Criminal Justice Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to write clearly and accurately about the administration of justice process using an appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking about issues in the administration of justice system.
  3. Demonstrate a comprehension and appreciation of the connections, contributions, experiences, and potential conflicts of various ethnic groups, races, and genders as they interact with the criminal justice system.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of sciences and emerging technologies as it impacts the administration of justice.