Citrus College Directory

All telephone numbers are area code 626.

Office of the Superintendent/President

Superintendent/President Dr. Greg Schulz
Executive Assistant Christine Link 914-8821
Administrative Assistant Raquel Perez 914-8821

All telephone numbers are area code 626.

Academic Affairs Office

Vice President Dr. Joumana McGowan
Administrative Assistant Christine Recendez 914-8881
Curriculum Assistant Sabrina Lopez 914-8858
Schedule/Catalog Analyst Gwen Harris 914-8882

Career Technical and Continuing Education Programs

Architecture, Automotive Technology (Automobile/Light Truck, and Medium/Heavy Truck), Career/Technical Education Programs, CTE Transitions, Community Education, Computer Science, Construction Management, Contract Education, Cosmetology, Drafting and Design Technology, Esthetician, Information Technology and Information Systems, Noncredit Instruction (Credit Recovery; English as a Second Language; Workplace Skills), Office Technology and Computer Applications, Public Works, Water Technology

Dean Michael Wangler
Administrative Secretary Celia Gonzales 852-6402
Career Technical Educational Programs Supervisor Terry Adams 914-8702
Continuing Education Director Ivon McCraven 852-8022
Administrative Secretary Julie Tunno 914-8807

Institute for Completion

Director Dr. Marianne Smith
Administrative Secretary Monica Hernandez 852-6476
STEM Grants Director Dr. Marianne Smith 914-8701


Intercollegiate Athletics, Kinesiology, Aquatics Center, Fitness Center

Dean Junior Domingo
Administrative Secretary Isabel Bellman 914-8650
Assistant Athletics Director Jackie Boxley 857-4155
Assistant Athletics Director Andrew Wheeler 914-8686

Language Arts and Library

Communications, Clarion student newspaper, English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Languages (American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, French, German, Italy, Japanese, Spanish), Honors, Learning Center (Testing, Tutorial Services, Writing Center), Library, Speech Communications

Dean Dr. Gina Hogan
Administrative Secretary Cathy Day 914-8856
Honors Transfer Program Coordinator Dr. Jennifer Miller-Thayer 852-8086
Honors Transfer Program Counselor Eileen Sin 857-4002
Honors Transfer Program Office Olivia Canales 914-8626
Learning Center Supervisor Gerald Helm 857-4035
Library and Media
Supervisor Lari Kirby 914-8569
Public Services Librarian Sarah Bosler 914-8642
Instructional Design Librarian Elizabeth Cook 857-4136
Library Media Technician II Tina Gutierrez 914-8576

Mathematics and Business

Accounting, Business, Engineering, Mathematics, Real Estate

Dean Victoria Dominguez
Adminstrative Secretary Cynthia Audelo 914-8792

Natural, Physical, and Health Sciences

Astronomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Natural History, Physics, Wildland Resources and Forestry, Faculty and Staff Development, Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), Nurse Assistant (NA), Registered Nursing (RN)

Dean Dr. Eric Rabitoy
Administrative Secretary Darla Ramirez 914-8789
Administrative Secretary Caroline Tippins 914-8874
Health Sciences Director Salima Allahbachayo
Administrative Secretary Stefanie Fuentes 914-8791
Administrative Secretary Vacant 914-8720
Dental Assisting Coordinator Dawn Brewster 914-8728
Health Occupations (EMT) Coordinator Dr. Cliff Hadsell 914-8755
Nursing (ADN) Coordinator Sonia Kibbe 857-4138
Nursing (CNA) Coordinator Dalvir Dhillon 914-8722
Nursing (LVN) Coordinator Sonia Kibbe 852-8075

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Child Development, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Humanities, Leadership (Student Government), Online Education, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Study Abroad Program

Dean Dr. Dana Hester
Administrative Secretary Gayle Allen 914-8860
Foster/Kinship Care Education & Resources Supervisor Jorge Razo 857-4088
Online Education Faculty Coordinator Dr. Senya Lubisich 857-4124
Study Abroad Specialist John Morris 914-8560

Visual and Performing Arts, Haugh Performing Arts Center

Visual Arts: Art (Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, 2-D and 3-D Design, Digital Media, Photography) Performing Arts: Music (Commercial, Education, Performance), Dance, Theatre, Recording Arts, Haugh Performing Arts Center

Dean John Vaughan
Administrative Secretary Nora Salas 914-8580
Haugh Performing Arts Center Director Tiina Mittler 852-8047
Performing Arts Technical Supervisor Daniel Vilter 852-8049
Recording Arts Supervisor Vacant 852-8069
Visual and Performing Arts Programs Supervisor Kristen Campbell 914-8579

All telephone numbers are area code 626.

Finance and Administrative Services

Vice President Claudette E. Dain
Administrative Assistant/Facilities Rental Supervisor Lori Amato 914-8890
Business Services Director Shawn Jones 914-8885
Payroll/Benefits Supervisor Lisa Fowler 857-4057
Enterprise Services Manager Eric Magallon 914-8624
Environmental Health & Safety Programs Supervisor Mike Ramos (Interim) 914-8704
Facilities and Construction Director Fred Diamond 914-8691
Facilities and Construction Associate Director Ernie Loera 857-4113
Fiscal Services Director Wade W. Ellis 914-8897
Fiscal Services Associate Director Marie Noriega 914-8893
Reprographics Supervisor Kern Fellows 914-8740

Citrus College Foundation

Foundation Director Christina M. Garcia
Administrative Assistant Vacant 914-8825

Communications and External Relations

Executive Director Melissa Utsuki
Administrative Secretary Cerise Guerrero 914-8872
Digital Communications and Publications Supervisor Doug Schultz 852-6497

Human Resources

Director Dr. Robert Sammis
Administrative Assistant Sandra Coon 914-8552
Human Resources/Staff Diversity Manager Brenda Fink 914-8830

Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Director Dr. Lan Hao
Administrative Secretary Jo Ellen "Jody" Barrass 852-8002
Research Analyst Yueyi Huang 852-6408
Research Analyst Dr. Melissa Christian 852-6410

Technology and Computer Services

Chief Information Services Officer Robert Hughes
Administrative Secretary Millie Franco 914-8810
Network Central Computing & Telecommunications Systems Supervisor Leigh Buchwald 914-8779
Technology Operations & Support Services Supervisor Tom Cheng 914-8666

All telephone numbers are area code 626.

Vice President Dr. Richard F. Rams
Administrative Assistant Christina Garcia 914-8532
Campus Safety Supervisor Benjamin Macias 914-8611

Admissions and Records

Admissions and Records, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, International Student Center, School Relations and Outreach

Dean Dr. Gerald Sequeira
Administrative Secretary Jamie Richmond 914-8519
Financial Aid Director Stephen Fahey 914-8591
International Students Supervisor Coe Lamoureux 914-8548
Outreach Supervisor Nilda Chavez 857-4162
Registrar Cinthya Arrieta 914-8597

Counseling Programs and Services

Articulation, Career/Transfer Center, Counseling/Advisement Center, EOP&S/CARE, CalWORKs, DSPS, Matriculation (credit and noncredit), Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEAP)

Dean Dr. Nicole Smith
Administrative Secretary Jennifer Blackburn 914-8541
Articulation Officer Michelle Plug 914-8637
Athletics Counselor Alicia Longyear 914-8662
Career Counselors Natalie Desimone 914-8639
Rafael Herrera 914-8639
Dr. Stephanie Yee 914-8639
Career/Technical Education Counselor Justina Rivadeneyra 914-8537
Counseling/Advising Center Faculty Lead, Veterans Counselor David Rodriguez 852-6421
DSPS Director Michelle Hernandez 914-8677
Early Alert Counselor Robin McBurney 914-8542
EOP&S/CARE, CalWORKs Director Sara Gonzales-Tapia 914-8556
Honors Transfer Program Counselor Eileen Sin 857-4002
Noncredit Counselor Justina Rivadeneyra 914-8537
Nursing Program Counselor Jorge Acosta 914-8732
Probation/Dismissal Counselor Claudia Castillo 914-8537
SEAP Assistant Director Dr. My Chau 914-8716
STEM Counselor Raquel Gutierrez 852-6416
Student Support Services (Career/Transfer Center) Director Jessica Lopez-Jimenez 852-6413

Student Affairs

Student Conduct, Student Life and Leadership Development, Student Health Center, Veterans Success Center

Dean Dr. Maryann Tolano-Leveque
Administrative Secretary Rebecca Bacon 914-8601
Student Life and Leadership Development Supervisor Rosario Garcia 914-8603
Administrative Clerk I Student Life and Leadership Dustin Glover 852-6444
Student Programs Facilitator Destina Valladares 852-5942
Undocu Liaison Amayrani Ochoa Almeida 852-5201
Student Health Center, College Nurse Dr. Shauna Bigby 914-8671
Veterans Success Center Director Maria D. Buffo 852-6457
Veteran Services Technician Rita Barber 914-8516
Basic Needs Coordinator Dunia Valladares 852-6452