A.S. in Photography

The Citrus College Associate of Science Degree in Photography is a digitally-based program designed to educate students in the technical, aesthetic, conceptual and ethical aspects of image production. The primary goal of the program is to provide a safe and challenging environment for students to produce a professional image portfolio for the purpose of gaining employment within the industry and/or acceptance into an advanced photography degree program. Curriculum offerings explore diverse photographic genres and include topics such as studio lighting, drone photography, image manipulation and the business of photography. Students enrolled in the program have access to DSLR cameras, studio and location lighting equipment, Mac computers, the Adobe Creative Cloud and ink jet printers.

This degree requires meeting the Citrus College General Education and proficiency requirements combined with successful completion (grades of “C” and above) of the following major requirements:

Required courses:
PHTO 101Basic Photography3
PHTO 102Intermediate Photography3
PHTO 103Advanced Photography3
PHTO 205Advanced Imaging Techniques3
Select three (3) of the following courses:
History of Photography3
Photography as an Art Medium3
Video for Photographers3
Portraiture on Location3
Business Practices for the Photographer3
Total Units21

A.S. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Photography A.S. Degree will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in image editing apps related to photography.
  2. Acquire knowledge of camera equipment, lenses, lighting and studio equipment.
  3. Critique the photographic work of others.
  4. Produce a portfolio of photographic images demonstrating excellence in the technical, aesthetic, conceptual and ethical aspects of image making.