Citrus College: A College of Completion

In support of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan’s one overarching institutional goal, “Increase Student Success and Completion,” the Citrus College community embraces the national community college completion agenda established by the American Association of Community Colleges, the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the White House. The College of Completion initiative encourages and supports students as they strive to complete their education, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and pursue the careers of their choice.

Faculty and Staff Call to Action In Support of Students

We believe the student success and completion agenda is the future of Citrus College.

We believe that completion matters and every student counts.

We believe in every student’s potential and responsibility to succeed.

We believe the “open door” must not be a “revolving door.”

We believe that community colleges are the gateways to the middle class and beyond.

We believe that community colleges are an invaluable economic engine driving the nation toward prosperity.

We believe that talented people working at Citrus College are ready to take on leadership roles.

We believe in changing institutional culture, from emphasis on access only to emphasis on access and success.

We commit to courageous conversations about diversity, equity, and evidence reflecting student success and institutional performance.

We commit to eliminating the attainment gaps that separate student groups.

We commit to acting on facts to make positive changes.

We commit to promoting faculty and staff development focused on evidence based educational practice.

We commit to providing development opportunities, for college administrators, trustees, faculty, staff, and students.

We ask every trustee, employee, and student organization to identify ways to help students understand the added value of degrees and certifications.

We ask every student to help one other student succeed.

We ask community members to work with us.

We ask elected officials to create the policy conditions that enable, support, and reward our work to strengthen student success.

We ask other community colleges to join us by signing this call to action.

Student Pledge: Commitment to Completion

We believe every student has the potential and responsibility to succeed.

We believe completion matters and every student counts.

We believe in an institutional culture that emphasizes student success.

We believe community college allows individuals to grow as far as their talents will allow.

We commit to reaching out to students in need by encouraging, nurturing, and guiding them toward college completion.

We commit to serving as role models by attending classes, being prepared, and participating in and engaging in discussions with professors and students inside and outside of class.

We commit to discussing career-planning with professors and staff to ensure timely completion.

We commit to learning about and using college support services.

We ask and trust every trustee, employee, and student organization to help the student body understand the great value of obtaining degrees and certifications.

We ask and trust our college to encourage the faculty and staff to create meaningful ways of supporting students in scholarly endeavors, social engagement, and career planning efforts.

We ask and trust the community as a whole to work with us towards our pursuit of college completion.