Skill Award in QuickBooks

The ability to utilize QuickBooks is a skill that businesses demand. Along with an understanding of fundamental accounting concepts, the QuickBooks skill award will enhance job prospects for the candidate that completes this program.

Required courses:
ACCT 100Accounting4
or ACCT 101H Financial Accounting - Honors
or ACCT 101 Financial Accounting
ACCT 115QuickBooks2
BUS 130Introduction to Business3
Total Units9

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Set up a company's accounting records in QuickBooks using company profiles.
  2. Prepare financial reports, evaluate the results of a company's operations and communicate the results of reports to others.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of accrual basis accounting concepts and the accounting cycle by preparing journal entries, posting to T accounts, preparing an adjusted trial balance and preparing the four financial statements along with closing journal entries.